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Breaking Down What Constitutes Negligence

April 30, 2010  

Generally speaking, a negligent action is recklessness that leads to injuries to somebody else. It may be an activity, like thoughtlessly knocking a rock off a rooftop, or a failure to act, like a landlord who doesn’t fix a broken step. Negligent conduct often provides the grounds for injuries cases.

What You Should Bring With You To A Divorce Consultation

April 29, 2010  

A divorce or separation can be a life altering situation. In some cases a divorce may be amicable and many times it will be contested. In either case, it is advisable to hire a qualified attorney with whom you are most comfortable as well as who you believe in to watch out for your concerns throughout the divorce settlement.

Contested Divorce-It doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

April 28, 2010  

Ending a marriage is not only hard but very emotionally draining for both parties involved. If you opt for a divorce you can either have one that is contested or uncontested. Hopefully you will fall in the category of uncontested but if you do fall in the category of contested divorces, it’s not the end of the world.

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