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Important Questions to Ask Divorce Lawyers

When a happy marriage ends in a divorce, it becomes an emotionally trying time not only for the couple, but also for the families involved. The situation becomes further aggravated if children and assets are involved in divorce proceedings. In

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The Billion Dollar Divorce

When Peter Getty married Jacqui de la Fontaine, it seemed like a fairy tale ending for a woman whose early life was marked by tragedy. But then the Hollywood romance turned bitter. Some wives find out about their husband’s infidelity

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Lawyers Offer Common Sense Decision Making

There are times in one’s life where they may need the services of an attorney. Lawyers cover civil law, criminal issues, estate law, divorces, and much more. Their services are sought out to guide people in the right direction or to fight for the rights of their clients. They are advisers for those in Manitoba and they are advocates for those in Quebec. Wherever a lawyer is needed, they are there to help.

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