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A Texas Drunk Driving Lawsuit Can Fight Back in DUI Car Crash Cases

April 18, 2010  

Drunk driving accidents are so common that Americans become numb to them – when they should be outraged. Fueled by an alcohol industry which reaps billions yearly in profits, drunk drivers in DUI or DWI car crash accidents are slaughtering innocent people every day.

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In fact, since 1982 drunk driving traffic fatalities have claimed more than half a million Americans’ lives. That’s more Americans than were killed by every foreign enemy in every war since and including War World I – and in this case, no cease fire is in sight.

You also might say drunk drivers are like terrorists in our midst – terrorists who take an American life on average every 39 minutes, and each year kill around 12,000, or about one-third of all traffic deaths. Yet while terrorist threats draw strong responses, America’s drunk driving carnage continues as if accepted as a fact of life.

Inarguably, far more must be accomplished to bring down this nightmarish toll in fatalities, catastrophic injuries and property damages. Even though Mothers Against Drunk Driving fights for progress, and each state has drunk driving laws making a driver guilty with blood alcohol content of more than .08 per cent, uneven enforcement and spotty justice allow too many drunk drivers to have second and third chances – or more.

Frequently, Americans are maimed and killed by repeat DUI offenders who are allowed back on our streets and highways to rampage again. This was the case when a paroled man with three DUI convictions killed a woman and her daughter on Interstate 35E near Dallas. Perhaps this gruesome car crash might not have happened if the state hadn’t been lenient with the DUI offender, or maybe if an ignition interlock device had been installed in his vehicle.

Beyond tougher laws and tougher enforcement, another way to combat drunk drivers is to wage our own war against them in the legal arena. When a drunk driver injures or kills other persons due to drunkenness and negligence, that driver must be held accountable in the legal realm. That means victims must engage a drunk driving accident attorney like those with Jim S. Adler & Associates.

A Texas personal injury law firm since the 1970s, Jim S. Adler & Associates has assisted thousands of Texans who have had legal needs after an accident, including DUI or DWI accidents. An Adler Dallas car crash lawyer, San Antonio traffic accident attorney or Houston drunk driving lawyer can fight for financial compensation for sufferers’ medical bills, lost salary and pain and suffering.

Should you or a relative be harmed by a drunk driver, fight back via a drunk driving lawsuit carried on by an Adler & Associates drunk driving lawyer or car crash attorney. With office locations in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Channelview, the longtime Texas personal injury law firm can help DUI accident victims regain the financial well being they deserve.

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