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Advice On Legal Aspects Of A Marital Settlement

April 6, 2010  

Divorce lawyers are only ever called when the marriage has broken down completely with little chance of reconciliation. In these circumstances you will need a divorce attorney who has at least half their workload in this area and one that is able to act as a mediator. All this will be waste if you do not feel you can trust them, so look for a person you feel comfortable with.

Adversarial attorneys will use the hammer to crack a walnut approach which often happens when these cases go to court whereas an attorney who specializes in mediation will take a much calmer approach. To save time when you contact your divorce lawyer, keep conversations brief and to the point, which can be achieved by preparing what you need from them in advance.

Whether you intend to see them or speak on the phone, write everything down as this is the most efficient way to utilize your legal representative and keep a record of dates and times you spoke with them. As all costs relating to law and legal advice are costly, try not to visit them at the office unless absolutely necessary; this can be achieved by using the phone or mail.

Remember you divorce attorney is there for their expertise in the field and not to act as a counsellor, you should hopefully be able to use people close to you for that. Try always to stick to pertinent facts when speaking to your divorce lawyer, not general complaints about your spouse’s behaviour as this is just a waste of your money if use them as a sounding board.

Remember to stay focused and in control and ensure your lawyer can work with you happily under these circumstances. If they are there purely to act in accordance with the legal issue of divorce it will be more efficient utilization of their services and you will be making the decisions. As the person paying for their service, you should expect to be sent copies of any relevant documents and if there are any issues that need to be clarified that a prompt response by them is expected.

There are instances when you may not actually need direct legal representation but may just wish to use the services of a lawyer for advice on legal aspects like a marital settlement. You may decide to carry out research first before you contact them, only asking your lawyer questions you have not been able to find answers too. Divorce lawyers can draw up or assist with marital settlements their clients have drawn up themselves, but in this scenario, if things awry at least you will have someone who is familiar with your case.

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