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An Attorney is Essential During a Divorce with Child Custody Issues

March 5, 2010  

Divorce happens, and it is rarely a pleasant experience. While a divorce attorney cannot eliminate the pain, he/she can help you make sure that all the legal details are handled correctly, and nothing important is overlooked. A skilled attorney is especially important when there are children involved. Custody rights are one of the most frequent causes for disputes, and financial concerns such as child support and responsibility for post adolescent costs such as higher education are also frequent points of contentions between parties to a divorce.

Divorce is becoming more and more common. Currently, almost half of all homes are single parent households. It is important that the needs of the children are considered first and foremost during what is often a difficult time that can involve arduous negotiations on both sides to arrive at a suitable outcome.

Ultimately all parties to a divorce are generally trying to act in the bests interests of any children involved. However, the parties may not see eye to eye on all or many points, even if they have good intentions. Parents might have different opinions on important issues. There might also be future considerations with step parents and their potential parental roles and responsibilities, and how this would impact custody issues and financial responsibility. Other considerations involve issues like insurance or medical responsibilities. For most, a divorce is a new experience. An experienced attorney will know how the state laws will affect the parents’ wishes. Because he or she has very likely seen it all before, s(he) is more likely to also anticipate many problem areas that the divorcing spouses may not have considered in advance.

Sometimes parents who have gone their separate ways will no longer live in close proximity to each other. They might have decided to relocate to different towns, states, or even countries. Visitation might become difficult to schedule for the parent without primary custody, and arranging for this visitation could become a contentious issue that requires litigation or negotiation by experienced counsel. Custody laws also vary greatly from state to state. Parents and minors both have rights under the law that must be examined by experts in that field.

Often in marriages, the division of labor is unequal. It is not uncommon for one spouse to bear the majority of the responsibility for day to day child care-taking. This can create strain when those partners separate, and both parties will have to come to terms with their new situations and covenants between them as it relates to these issues. Regardless of how amicable the parties believe they are, once terms are arranged, they will be in writing in order to have a judicial review. The divorce is not final until a judge signs a final decree. At that point, all agreements, regardless of complexity, become binding law. These agreements could become quite complex, and the stakes are very high, so it is prudent to have experienced and adept representation for both parties.

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