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Best Enter Into Proceedings Armed With A Lawyer

March 17, 2010  

In the unlikely event you have to retain the services of a divorce lawyer, ensure they have adequate experience and you can rely on them. Ideally a divorce attorney should be spending half their time dealing with divorce cases and preferably one who is a good mediator. However, none of this will be any good without your complete trust in their abilities.

Attorneys that specialize in mediation cases will be able to give you sound advice for out of court settlements but if a court appearance is necessary, they will need experience. A divorce lawyer is a busy person so before you contact them know exactly what information you need them to supply.

Costs are always an issue so write down everything you want to ask and in a logical order always making sure there is an accurate record of times dates and the duration of conversations. Physical meetings will cost more so if an item can be dealt with by mail or on the phone this will save money.

Remember you divorce attorney is there for their expertise in the field and not to act as a counsellor, you should hopefully be able to use people close to you for that. Stick to relevant facts when you contact your divorce lawyer; do not discuss other matters regarding your spouse unless they are pertinent to the divorce.

Let your lawyer know from the start that you will be in charge of the case and they are there for legal advice and not as someone to lean on when things start getting rough. You are employing them for their experience but at the same time you need them to understand that it is your divorce and you want to make the decisions about how it is too proceed. You must also let them know that you expect copies of all correspondence to be sent to you for you own records and if you contact them by phone, you expect a reply within one working day.

Instead of hiring a lawyer, it may be far more cost-effective to use the lawyer just for information or advice on specific subjects like a marital settlement because that may be all the legal help you will need. In these circumstances you may only need to write down any issues you are unsure about and speak to your lawyer regarding those, and possible outcomes. You may decide to have a divorce lawyer help with your marital settlement agreement, either to draft one or just to check over one you have made yourself then contact them if you get stuck or confused.

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