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An Attorney is Essential During a Divorce with Child Custody Issues

March 5, 2010  

Divorce happens, and it is rarely a pleasant experience. While a divorce attorney cannot eliminate the pain, he/she can help you make sure that all the legal details are handled correctly, and nothing important is overlooked. A skilled attorney is especially important when there are children involved. Custody rights are one of the most frequent causes for disputes, and financial concerns such as child support and responsibility for post adolescent costs such as higher education are also frequent points of contentions between parties to a divorce.

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January 1, 2009  

Our History Founded in 2001, (though that may not seem that long ago to you), in the divorce lawyer  world we are a pioneer in the online  industry! Read on to find out how our company was formed, how it has grown and what our vision is for the future! Who We Are A good […]

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January 1, 2009  

Terms & Conditions PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TERMS OF SERVICES & LEGAL NOTICES (“THIS AGREEMENT”) CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THE WEBSITE (the “Site” or “CheapDivorceLawyer”). These terms explain your (and our) rights under this Agreement, and make certain disclosures required by the law. By using the Site, you give your assent to the terms of […]

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