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Cheap divorce lawyers

January 10, 2009  

cheap divorce lawyers

cheap divorce lawyers

Cheap Divorce can be a tricky affair, so here are a few tips to help you through.

Divorce lawyers are the obvious option when instigating divorce proceedings. It’s always best to seek qualified legal counsel, but it’s not wholly necessary for the entire process.

The Yellow Pages, and the Internet are great for finding cheap divorce lawyers, but a lot of people are happy relying on word of mouth. It sounds a little old fashioned, but it still works, however dated.

Always go for a lawyer qualified in your area of law, and make sure they are registered to practice in your state. If word of mouth is not your thing, then you can always find one via the State Bar Association.

There is a ton of information online regarding cheap divorce and the more traditional and expensive version. It is quite straight forward to get a low cost divorce if both parties are in agreement, and there are no kids or other complicated areas.

Knowing what you are doing and the process itself, can cut your costs hugely, and those of your partner, although it is always best for both parties to have separate lawyers. But if you can agree on as much as possible before the lawyers are involved, it can save you thousands, literally!

Online services can help here, as the divorce is little more than a formality, and as long as all the forms are completed correctly, there should be little difficulty on finalizing your cheap divorce.

These kinds of divorces are also known as “no fault” divorces, and are very straight forward provided both parties are in agreement to walk away from the marriage amicably.

Cheap Divorces are not possible for couples with a lot to sort through, and particularly those with kids and property issues. There are several methods for minimizing the cost and maximizing what you take with you, but some of those are a little devious and not really suitable here.

To finish, here are a few simple tips for you.

If you can part agreeably, and sort as much out as you possibly can without calling a lawyer first; you will save thousands in fees: this applies to any sort of divorce.

If you have kids and absolutely don’t get on with each other, then it’s pretty much inevitable that it’s going to be a costly and lengthy process. Plus it will inevitably get nasty. But again you can save quite a bit of cash, by solving as many issues as possible before you call a lawyer/referee.

Draw up a list of what you have agreed on, and what you both want out of the settlement, and give it to your respective lawyers once you have pored over it, and made a few decisions on who gets what.

Lastly: remember, lawyers charge for phone calls, note taking, typing, and talking. Remove as much of this as you can, and you will save money!

Divorce can sometimes be the best last option in a bad marriage. However, getting a divorce is not an easy task. The procedure usually involves a lot of legal complexities relating to the custody of children, property, alimony, child support and other such issues. Letting a divorce lawyer deal with all such messy issues would be the best choice for either party.

Although many cheap divorce methods are available, the very best would still be the kind that both partners can do among themselves without involving an outsider. Letting a lawyer in would be somewhat a burden, particularly when the case drags for a long time causing emotional turmoil for either parties, all the while being heavy on the pockets.

There is now available a method to deal with a divorce without a lawyer or an attorney. Known as the Pro Se divorce, or more popularly as the do it yourself divorce, it entitles both the parties filing the divorce papers themselves. However, Pro Se divorce can be filed only under certain conditions and might not be the best option for many.

The first criterion to file a Pro Se divorce is that the divorce is uncontested by either parties, either with respect to children or property. Also, the children, if any are involved, must all be of legal age and so must not be brought into the case. Any kind investment such as deposits, stock, retirement or pension options must not be present for either party. Alimony is not dealt with in case of do it yourself divorce and so the parties must definitely hire a lawyer for the same.

It is compulsory that both the parties file for the Pro Se divorce, instead of one opting for a lawyer and the other going in for the do it yourself divorce. Also, those in military cannot file through this method while in service. A lawyer is compulsory for such military divorce cases. History of physical or mental abuse on either partner by the other, debt, bankruptcy etc., are other conditions that must not be present while filing for a Pro se divorce case. It is also a condition that both the parties are financially well off after the divorce and would not need any kind of support from the other, such as alimony.

Pro Se divorces, as mentioned, involve a lot of legalities that both the partners must consider before opting for this method of divorce. However, one major advantage with this kind of divorce is that it saves a lot of money in form of lawyer fee. But one disadvantage would be that the clients would need to represent themselves in the court with no legal help from a lawyer. Getting the initial paperwork reviewed by an experienced lawyer would be a good choice before filing the papers. Cheap divorce lawyer .This would ensure that all the requisite documents are being provided and getting a separation is only a matter of time even with individual representation in the court without the assistance of a lawyer. The list of documents to be submitted is available on the Internet on websites that help with Pro Se divorces and are relatively easy to locate.


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