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Choosing A Divorce Solicitor

July 11, 2010  

For most people getting a divorce is the worst experience they will have had to date in their lives. Finding out part way through the process that they are using a solicitor who is not advising them properly or is costing more than they anticipated is the last thing they need. Taking time to choose the correct solicitor is very important.

Start by looking at your circumstances, if your divorce is simple then it is sometimes possible to do the divorce with very little help from a solicitor, but this is rarely the case. If you need a solicitor make sure that you find one with experience that is relevant to your particular case. For example if you have suffered domestic violence or abuse, then your solicitor should have experience in dealing with cases like yours. If children are involved you need a solicitor that has dealt with custody agreements in the past.

During the divorce process there is usually some points of conflict. If you can find a Resolution accredited solicitor, do so. There are 5,500 firms in the UK with this accreditation, so you should find one in your area. These solicitors are trained to stop disputes becoming acrimonious and to help clients to agree and solve their problems constructively. Their code of practice promotes a non-confrontational approach to family law, and in particular divorce.

Try to speak with 2 or 3 solicitors before choosing one. The majority of solicitors offer a free or fixed fee first consultation. At this consultation you can establish if the solicitor has experience which is relevant to your case. In addition, you can also see if you can work with this solicitor, it is vital that you feel you can communicate with your solicitor and that they can understand your point of view too. After speaking to 2 or 3 solicitors you will also better understand your situation and the options available to you.

At the initial consultation ask about costs, these vary considerably from firm to firm. Choose a solicitor that you can afford, so you do not struggle to pay the legal fees.


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