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Civil and Family Court Requires Legal Protection

January 23, 2010  

It is frightening to see how many people agree to settlements and bargains offered by the state or by the plaintiff that are unfair and harmful to their personal economic situations. They are often charged with alleged illegal events and demanded to pay certain fees when in the eyes of the law those who demand these fees and settlements themselves are the criminals.

In the eyes of the law, the ones who are charged with crimes are many times the victims themselves, being cornered into positions in which they see no way out of and, therefore, forfeit their rights in order to yield to the authorities.

It is very clear that if anyone who was harmed physically, emotionally, or experienced property or monetary damage had responded differently to a court subpoena or the like, that the outcomes would have been much different. However, lack of knowledge does the trick every time, leaving people bereft of any method to protect themselves and at the hands of those who press them.

If the masses would be aware of their exact rights in every situation and of what would help serve and protect them best, these situations would never be carried out to begin with.

Numerous events in a person’s life can cause one to seek legal help. Some of the most common civil cases across the country revolve around family court. Whether it is a divorce case, domestic abuse, child support claim, or any other type of family matter, unless one is aware of what is legally taking place around him, the outcome of his decisions may be catastrophic with regards to the rest of his life.

Throughout many states in the US, the court is obligated to provide a public defender for those who cannot afford to hire their own attorney. This, however, is found in criminal court for the most part, but in civil court this option is placed with many more limitations.

Besides for those limitations, the general public is further left at a disadvantage because the public defender is only applicable to those who make minimal incomes, leaving middle class citizens without the ability to gain help for their situations.

It is absolutely necessary to have legal guidance and protection throughout the entire divorce process because these kinds of things have happened and continue to happen throughout the nation and in the state of Oklahoma as well. All of the cards make their way to the table including alimony, child support, and estate splitting. Legal protection will help maneuvering through the rough waters and coming out in the best possible way.

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