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March 29, 2019  

Chicago Divorce Attorney Explains the Illinois Divorce Process

Family law attorney helping you take control of your divorce and regain control of your life in Chicago

At the Arami Law Office, we know how important it is that our clients understand the divorce process. Knowing what to expect and how we’ll be there to assist you can give you peace of mind during this tumultuous time.

As with any process, the more advance planning you do, the easier your divorce can be. Prior to divorce, spouses have great influence on the tone of the proceedings and whether the process is cooperative or adversarial. It is helpful to have an open discussion with your spouse about your plans after marriage. Competing goals, such as custody of the children and ownership of certain assets, often require litigation. But if you and your spouse are not at odds about parenting or property issues, you may be able to work collaboratively on your divorce and reach a settlement agreement even before you file. An experienced family law attorney can counsel you on methods for obtaining an uncontested divorce.

Crucial steps in your Chicago divorce

Most Illinois divorces follow a similar pattern. You can expect your marital dissolution to involve these aspects:

For answers about the Illinois divorce process, contact our Chicago attorney

If you’re considering divorce, you want an attorney on whom you can rely at every stage of the process. Contact the Arami Law Office today at 312-212-1399 or online for a consultation. Our firm serves clients inside the Loop and throughout the entire Chicago, Illinois region.

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