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Divorce Attorney – Are You In Need Of One?

February 4, 2010  

When things come to a head, then you know it is time to go for that divorce attorney. By the time you are sure you need one, you probably have been mulling over the issue for a long time. Now that you have made the decision, you can hardly wait to start acting on your decision and need to hire a divorce attorney orlando.

Well, now that it has come to it, let’s get down to finding a lawyer. Those in the know are aware that if you are going to hire a lawyer, hire a good one. But how do you tell how good a lawyer is. You can’t just look at this face or office and conclude.

As important as the decision that a divorce is necessary, so is the need to get a good one. This is how to tell whether the prospective lawyer is the right one.

Accessibility – The nature of divorce cases is such that you need to stay updated with the latest there is to know. You also need to keep informing your lawyer if anything changes. That is when you need to establish exactly how much the attorney will be available to communicate with you. You need to know whether they are fast at responding to emails, whether they can take your calls promptly and if when requested to, they can see you in person for a meeting.

Can this lawyer be reached? How fast does he/she respond to messages in email? Is it possible to reach them by phone? What about when you feel that you must meet face to face ant talk things out?

Many offices will always tell you to contact your lawyer and how often that is possible. But some lawyers might be different and it is important to get it from someone who has firsthand experience with the lawyer in question. That problem can easily be solved in the next tip.

Were former clients happy with the lawyer’s service? This is the best way of telling how exactly a lawyer will behave once in your hire. Many successful lawyers have a host of satisfied clients who are more than willing to put in a good word for this attorney. Listen to them as if they were your lifeline. They actually are!

Is your lawyer experienced? It is also important to establish the experience the lawyer has. It must also be in the area of divorce law, which, as a matter of fact, is much specialised. The mechanic who repairs Mercy Fugersson tractors cannot quite competently service your porche’s engine. So, seek experience in the right area. The lawyer must know all judges in their respective divorce courts and what their general tendencies are. This way, you can set up a case in the right court before the right judge with the right tendencies. Alternatively, you can always shift the case towards the circumstances of a particular judge.

Fees – Know how much the lawyer charges per hour, whether they need a retainer fee and whether the retainer fee is refundable if expenses and rates do not exhaust it. Ask about how often you will get served with an invoice.

To know in advance is to position yourself well. Rather than wait to fire the lawyer later for being unreachable, misrepresenting your interests of charging you exorbitantly, know the divorce attorney’s history and don’t hire him/her at all.

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