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Divorce Lawyers: Making The Right Choice

May 18, 2010  

Divorce lawyers can be found by using various resources. Many specialize in certain areas of family law. Before choosing an attorney to represent you in your divorce case it is important to get to know them first. It will be in your best interest to interview more than one before deciding on hiring an attorney.

All attorneys have consultations with potential clients. Most are free but many others do charge a fee. Depending on the prestige of the attorney will stipulate how high or low those fees will be. If you are on a restricted budget, you should know the fees in advance for the attorneys you are interested in interviewing. Then you can set you limit accordingly. It can get costly if you plan on interviewing several attorneys so planning your budget in advance will be helpful in managing your expenses.

When you have your consultation make sure to ask them important questions about their education and work experience. You should be comfortable with their level of expertise. You are interviewing a candidate for a job. They are there to work for you not the other way around. So take your time and ask all of the right questions to help you make a good decision.

Be prepared for your meeting. Take notes and have pre written questions and concerns. It would be helpful if you knew in advance what you will require in your divorce settlement. The attorney could then help guide you based on their legal expertise.

You should also have available a statement regarding the cause of the dissolution of your marriage. A short summary of events will provide clarity to the attorney. It will also avoid any unexpected emotional breakdowns which may prove to be an embarrassing situation. Getting it down on paper is the best way to communicate your needs to the attorney. It will also assist them in determining what sort of legal action needs to be taken which will give you a clearer idea as to the fees involved.

You may be asked to bring certain paperwork. This will also help guide the attorney to the type of divorce that needs to be filed with the courts. They will let you know in advance which documents to bring to the meeting. You may also want to be proactive and bring your own supporting documents if you think that will help bring clarity to your particular case.

It is important to be prepared for you meeting and to guide the interview to serve your needs. Ask direct questions pertaining to your divorce. Listen carefully to how theattorney addresses your concerns. Pay close attention to whether or not they are thorough. If you have questions or are unclear about anything, then you should ask for clarity.

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