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Divorced man blogs 101 uses for ex-wife’s wedding gown

May 24, 2010  

London, May 24 (ANI): A divorced man has found a unique way to take revenge from his wife who spurned him – inventing 101 uses of her wedding gown – and blogging about it.

Kevin Cotter was left heartbroken as his high school sweetheart walked out after 12 years of marriage – taking with her everything but her lace- and pearl-embellished white wedding dress.

“She had all of her stuff loaded and I couldn’t help but notice because this bridal keepsake box was dead centre on the main shelf in the walk-in closet,” he said.

“She said ‘I’m not taking it,’ and when I asked what I should do with it her reply was do whatever I wanted,” The Telegraph quoter Cotter as saying.

But Cotter decided to quit moping. Instead, he decided to channel his despair into being constructive – and how!

He has started a blog chronicling 101 uses for the rejected dress – the blog has become a sensation on the Internet garnering users from everywhere. One viewer suggested that the dress be used to plug the hole in the leaking well in the Gulf of Mexico. Mr Cotter said he was “not sure how we will shoot this one” – each suggestion features a video showing the dress in action – but said he “really liked the idea”.

So far, he has listed 23 uses – some of which include a yoga mat, a pasta strainer, painter’s cover sheet, ice pack, camera lens cleaner and even a dog bed.

Cotter aims to reach 101 uses and possibly publish a book about his experience in trying to find uses for a garment that usually only gets one outing.

Cotter’s wife, who says she left the dress behind so that her daughter could have it someday, told ABC news in a mail, “I wish all the best to Kevin and hope he seeks counselling to deal with his anger and resentment.

“His determination, along with his family’s support, to continue with this endeavour after his children and I have asked him to stop is incomprehensible.”

Cotter on the other hand, says that this ‘project’ has acted as a therapy for him.

“Nothing about divorce is pleasant or easy and I will share some of my experiences and at the same time lighten them up with some creative uses for this dress I was stuck with,” he said. (ANI)

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