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Family Law In Action

October 30, 2010  

I recently learned of a tragic divorce. A good friend of mine was studying in the pre-med undergraduate program in University of Pennsylvania, one of the best programs in the country. His pursuit of a career in the medical field was met with trials and tribulations, but his family pushed him, supported him, and saw him graduate and enter medical school.

While studying in college, he became close with a young woman from a wealthy family who was very interested in this boy’s story and was greatly inspired by him. She was so infatuated with him that she offered to do whatever it takes in order to see him complete medical school and is willing to financially support him through his studies, as long as he marries her.

There is probably no one that I know who could resist such an idea. This girl was an attractive, young woman who was completely in love with him and was willing to do anything to see him reach his dreams. They got married, of course, and life went according to plan for about three years.

After three years, the young woman’s father’s business began to collapse because of the rough economy, and he was not able to provide any more support for his daughter and son-in-law. Seeing this, the daughter demanded that her husband immediately leave his studies and go out to earn a livelihood for the family.

With only two years left to reaching his dreams, the husband refused to do so, and he told her that he cannot leave his studies now. He was of the opinion that she should stick to her word and provide financial support until he is able to practice medicine as she said she would do.

She was totally uninterested in bearing the financial strain of the family for two years and, therefore, sought a divorce. She requested total custody of their one child without visitation rights for the husband and demanded control of all assets.

He was absolutely devastated because she had proven that her part of the relationship fit her only when it was comfortable for her, and she ended up causing more damage to his studies than actual help. Most of all, he could not understand what he had done for her not to want him to visit their child.

Fortunately, he amassed enough strength to fight the madness, and he contacted a wonderful family court attorney who took him by the hand throughout the whole case. He reversed it and sought full custody and won, and today he lives together with his parents and child in their home. Hopefully, he will complete his studies this year and will move into his new home with his child.

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