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Finding A Good Attorney Might Require Some Research

May 13, 2010  

Trying to get a great counselor of law in your area could be difficult in some cases. Especially if the individuals that are looking for legal help live in a remote area, far from a city, or perhaps a large municipality. This informative piece will help shed some light into acquiring an attorney, and additionally, just what unique qualities you should be searching for in a lawyer.

It seems like yesterday when I was trying to retain my first attorney, and I decided to utilize the reliable old “phone book”. I opened the phone book up to “counselors of law”, and found about five pages of names, corporate firms, legal and semi-legal practices and there were some paralegals listed as well. What a job this turned out to be, as I reached out to a few of the locations, and most of them wanted or better yet demanded, a significant binder.

Holy cow, they want a binder already, and I haven’t even spoken to an attorney yet. How could this be? My frustrations didn’t force me to throw in the towel just yet, as I truly needed at least a real estate attorney to finish up a land closing deal for me. Alright, I decided to give up on the yellow pages temporarily, and initiated some “word of mouth” research. This is also easier said then done. Asking associates if they know a great attorney is usually followed up by “Wow, I didn’t know you were having problems”.

Well my best course of action was to talk with some associates. As luck would have it, it was only a closing for a house, so it wasn’t a top priority. Fortunately my inquiries paid off, as the majority of my friends actually did know a counselor of law who was in close proximity to our township. And yes, she actually did real estate.

I really can’t begin to describe how much time and effort I saved by relying on the information from my associates. I knew that I was putting myself out there in trusting their recommendations of a law firm, but they were credible individuals.

Trying to find a great lawyer in your area can be a challenge to say the least. My advice at this point is to first inquire with some friends and associates. See who they think might be a good fit for you and your needs. It’s possible they could lead you onto an attorney who will fulfill your needs for years

Additionally keep in mind that the expertise of lawyers will vary with attorneys. Hopefully the recommendation you get will steer you to the best.

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