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Finding A New Mexico Divorce Lawyer

December 23, 2009  

Divorce and custody proceedings can be stressful and heartbreaking, but this can be lessened if the process does not drag out. This is possible in New Mexico, where a divorce can be accomplished in a matter of days, as long as both parties come to an agreement about division of property and future care of minor children. If there are issues that cannot be resolved by the parties involved by themselves or by mediation, it is best to get a reputable New Mexico divorce lawyer to handle the proceedings.

Relatives, friends, co-workers and acquaintances who have gone through the same experience are your first choices for getting referrals for Albuquerque lawyers or lawyers practicing within your area. Other sources include listings on the Internet, your local courthouse, bar association, professional trade associations and law schools. You can also get recommendations from other lawyers, even if they themselves are not in the field of divorce and family law.

Once you have collected the names of enough prospects, contact each of them for an initial consultation, which is usually done for free and over the phone. After this, you may already have an idea which ones would suit you best. Set up an appointment with them and prepare a list of questions to further determine if you will be comfortable entrusting your case to him or her.

Again, asking people you know who have undergone a divorce will help you list down important and relevant questions to discuss with your prospect. Topics such as track record in the law practice (especially in the field of New Mexico divorce and family law), their technique in handling divorce cases, initial assessment of your case, billing and experience in dealing with the lawyer of the other party should be covered.

Billing and payment is another significant aspect. Aside from the rate, ask about payment options, since some lawyers accept charge cards or offer payment plans. He or she may require and advance retainer, which may or may not be separate from the final bill. In short, get as much detail about the financial terms and make sure you understand them before making any commitment.

As much as possible, get a copy of or ask to view your prospect’s standard contract. It will give you an idea of you and your lawyer’s rights and obligations in your professional relationship. Not having a sample agreement should be a red flag, as this may be a sign that your prospect is unethical or untrustworthy.

Be on the lookout for offensive behavior. It is important that you have a good working relationship with your lawyer, trusting him or her to look after your interests during the divorce process. Whether it’s the shifty gestures or glib manner of speaking, observe your prospect for any action that makes you uncomfortable and listen to your instincts during the interview.

Hiring a New Mexico divorce lawyer to guide you during this stressful period in your life is an important decision. Unfortunately, competency and compatibility are not assured by legal licenses or a good track record. You should also listen to your instincts during the interview, and look for intangibles that could make or break a working relationship.

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