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Get Yourself A Professional Divorce Attorney

May 22, 2009  

Anyone going through the process of a divorce should seriously think about hiring themselves a divorce attorney. Although there is a great deal of administration involved with a divorce case, the lawyer will be necessary to protect your interests. There will probably be many things you will not understand but that is what your divorce lawyer is for, to make sense of the procedure and ensure you are straight on all the possible implications.

The last thing anyone getting divorced wants is for there to be any animosity but unfortunately it rarely happens and in particular when the couple has accrued large sums of money and other assets. You may think that you can handle the divorce proceedings by representing yourself but if you consider this action logically, it is a mistake and a divorce lawyer will be necessary if you want the situation resolved properly.

Don’t forget, just because your friend was divorced and he has some interesting advice to give you, if he lives outside of your state, he really can’t help as the laws vary from state to state. You may of course be liable to support your spouse with a condition known as alimony.

To most people the word alimony brings fear into the proceedings as it is support for the spouse and different for child support that is arranged separately as it is an amount calculated on the earning ability and standard of living both partners have as part of their marriage. The problem that many spouses face is when the alimony is granted for an indefinite period.

The amount of alimony can be reviewed if there are significant changes in the income or situation of either spouse. However be aware that if spousal support is waived, then the spouse who gave up the spousal support cannot come back and ask for it again in the future.

A divorce is as much about division of assets and property as it is two people no longer wishing to be married and this is highlighted by the number of people that even have their pensions divided; which is another reason to hire yourself a divorce attorney. Although a person may believe these are their individual property, they are not and can be divided up like everything else.

Your divorce attorney will help make sure that you keep as much of your retirement and any pension plan money as the law will allow although the courts are sensitive to this situation and do not normally judge unfairly in this matter. This aspect in itself can more than pay for the costs of a divorce lawyer.


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