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How To Have A Successful Court Appearance

April 14, 2010  

Court can be a high stress experience, whether you’re new to it or have been before, but if you give these tips a read and bare them in mind on the day of your court appearance, you should feel more prepared and less stressed.

Be on time: The number one rule of attending court. If you are on time you’re at your best, your solicitor is less stressed and it shows the judge, jury and court that you are serious about the case and the judgement and understand the importance of appearing in court.

Take the correct documentation: Not having all the necessary documentation to hand will often delay the proceedings, and even mean the hearing has to be moved. Also, having the correct documents again implies that you are ready for court and understand how important the case is.

Rights aren’t always right: It’s great that in Britain we have so many rights and have freedom of speech, but a growing trend in people constantly declaring their rights means that they are often too heavily relied upon. It’s important that you understand your rights both in and out of court, but don’t rely too much on them and remember with rights comes responsibilities.

Mind your manners: The judge, jury, solicitors and officials are all aware that attending court can be a tension filled experience, but that doesn’t give those in court an excuse to be disrespectful. So try to remain calm and treat all those involved with politeness, as failing to do so could result in you being looked up on unfavourably.

Be prepared to lose: Even if you are in the right there is a chance you won’t win, so it’s always best to go in to court with an open minded attitude. Also in many cases it is not as simple as winning and losing as there can be fault on both parts, so it’s best to go to court focussing on the fact that the case will be fairly heard.

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