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How To Pick A Good Divorce Attorney For Your Divorce Settlement

February 4, 2010  

When you find that you and your spouse can not live together any more, it is time to think of a divorce. To deal with legal stuffs, you will need a divorce attorney. This attorney will give you valuable advice on how to get the best interest when you and your spouse separate and will also represent you in court. It is therefore very important that you can find a good attorney. This article will help you.

You can now inform your friends and relatives so that they can help you. They will recommend you the best attorneys in town, or at least give advice on whether you can choose this lawyer or that lawyer based on their experience and knowledge.

All lawyers are not created equal. Some are specialized in a certain area while others are just general lawyers. You can contact your state bar associations to determine whether they have a lawyer referral program. Through the referral program, you will be able to contact the best lawyers in the area you are involved with.

You should make a list of what you are looking for in an attorney. Decide whether you want a male or female lawyer. Do you prefer someone who charges a flat fee or someone with an hourly rate? Does the lawyer need to reside in the same town as you? If not, does he charge for an additional travel fee?

Some very good lawyers offer one free consultation at the beginning. You may use this opportunity to get to know the divorce attorney well. However, keep in mind that there is no correlation between a free consultation and a low fee schedule. The fact that the lawyer offers you free meeting doesn’t mean that he will charge low too.

You should also pay attention to the receptionist at the lawyer’s office. You will be contacting the lawyer through this person therefore you should check to see whether he or she is easy going and pleasant to deal with.

When you talk to the lawyer, don’t forget to mention the attorney’s past cases. To be sure that he will be able to handle your case, you should check his win-loss ratio and the level of difficulty his past cases had.

The fee schedule should also be paid close attention to. You should not think that the fee schedule is the same for different lawyers. Some fee schedule is straightforward and easy to understand while others are very complicated and need close attention. Be sure to know in advance what you have to pay so that you won’t be taken aback when you receive the bill afterwards. If you think the rate is reasonable and the lawyer is good, you can sign the deal. But if you need more time to think about it, just let your attorney know.

Choosing a good divorce attorney seems to be a bit difficult for some people. However, with the tips in this article, I hope you have found a way to find the best attorney for your case. Being patient and articulate is a requirement in your search for a good attorney.

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