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Important Questions to Ask Divorce Lawyers

May 31, 2010  

Cheap Divorce Lawyers

Cheap Divorce Lawyers

When a happy marriage ends in a divorce, it becomes an emotionally trying time not only for the couple, but also for the families involved. The situation becomes further aggravated if children and assets are involved in divorce proceedings. In such a situation, hiring cheap divorce lawyers would come handy.

The couple may not be in the right frame of mind to sort out major details. In such a circumstance, it is best to hire a divorce attorney to seek advice and counsel and to allow the lawyer to handle the case favorably for the divorcing individuals.

You will have to prepare a set of questions before the initial consultation with one of the cheap divorce lawyers. The questions will determine if the divorce attorney is a good one and someone who you can afford.

Attorney experience and expertise

• Do you have any special certification in divorce and family law that distinguishes you as a “Divorce Attorney”?
• How long have you been dealing with divorce and family law cases?
• How many years have you been practicing in this county or state?
• How many divorce and family law cases do you handle on an average?
• Do you have an additional expertise to support the case like financial expertise?
• How many of the cases that you handled have gone to trial till date?
• Do you work along with other experts outside of your office to support your case? Ex: psychologists or counselors.

Attorney fees and expenses

• Do you charge a flat fee or hourly fee?
• Do I have to pay a retainer and if so, how much?
• How do you charge your hourly fees?
• If a case has to go to trial, do you charge additional fees or higher fees?
• What are the hourly rates for the people in your firm working on my case?
• Who else should I pay a fee to and what are their rates?
• What are the other services I will need from your office?
• What are the office expenses that I will be charged for?
• Can you give me an estimate of the cost of my divorce proceedings?
• Will you give me a written agreement regarding fees and expenses?

You may be already burdened with emotional stress and anxiety and this is where a divorce lawyer steps in to ease your burden and lower your divorce expenses.

Cheap divorce lawyers are equally competent to handle divorce cases as their more expensive counterparts. Sometimes they are more easily accessible to you than top lawyers and will show a genuine interest in your case.

There are a variety of options when considering hiring a lawyer. For free tips on hiring a Cheap Divorce Lawyer, check out the following questions to ask him or her before spending a fortune.

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