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April 21, 2019  

If you have a connection to another country or a different part of the UK, you or your partner might choose to start divorce proceedings there. The country in which your divorce, dissolution or other court proceedings takes place is known as the jurisdiction. Different jurisdictions will approach your case differently, particularly with regard to how the financial matters are dealt with.

This could lead to very different outcomes for you, which may be more beneficial or conversely more prejudicial to you than other jurisdictions. Where there is more than one jurisdiction in which your divorce could take place, this can often lead to a race between the parties to be the first to issue. This is also known as “forum shopping” and the “race for jurisdiction”.

Asset Valuation

Stowe Family Law’s in-house forensic accountancy team can produce business valuations without the delay and additional expense of instructing other firms of chartered accountants. They can also advise on the ability of a business to raise money to fund a financial settlement and can consider other issues such as tax.

Stowe Family Law’s in-house team works closely with the firm’s International Family Lawyers. Our forensic accountants are on hand to locate and examine offshore assets, many of which may be owned by complex business structures or trusts.

Expat Divorce Cases

We have significant experience in supporting expat divorce cases, for example this guide looks at:

Our Commitment To You

We will support and guide you throughout your case so that you can be confident of achieving the outcome you want for your family. We want to make you feel like you’re our only client.

Our Solicitors Offer Expert Legal Advice In The Following Areas:

In each of our offices we have specialist solicitors who are experts in each area of Family Law. Contact us and we will advise you which lawyer is best matched to the specific needs of your case.

Stowe Testimonials

I do not plan to get divorced ever again but if I do, I would call Stowe Family Law first. By the time we went to court my case was well prepared. I was guided through the process with great patience by experts who know what they are doing. I live overseas and their willingness to work by email and where necessary by Skype call has been invaluable. With the exception of the court appearances I was able to handle my divorce from my living room. The barrister that they retained on my behalf was top notch and the judge accepted nearly all of his arguments entirely.By comparison with my ex wife’s legal team Stowe’s were vastly superior and their fees were substantially lower. I would definitely recommend Stowe’s to anyone needing to get a divorce.

Client: Mr K

International Divorce Expertise

With the growth of cross-border divorce and the UK’s reputation as the “divorce capital of the world”, our experienced solicitors and forensic accountants have become increasingly well-known for successfully navigating our clients through the complexities of international cases.

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