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Lawyers In Miami: Facts About Legal Practice

April 4, 2010  

Real estate law is another category that many attorneys are involved with. Whether clients are wealthy property owners or first time householders attorneys who understand the laws of real estate in the area are needed to protect both parties to the transaction. When the housing market is depressed, more real estate transactions are happening that should be reviewed by the attorney of record. When the housing market is booming, attorneys have plenty to do there too.

Some areas have more than one language that is spoken by a large percentage of people. If attorneys are available who are bilingual, they can communicate in both languages. They can explain the law to non-native speaking clients and communicate the information from the client to those who don’t understand the second language.

Another major field for attorneys who specialize is as corporate lawyers. They work with the management of a company to frame the legal pathway for a business. The corporate attorney may help to draft contractual agreements, work with property and asset acquisition and management and to ensure that legal and governmental regulatory requirements are met in the activities of the business.

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