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Lawyers: The Climb To The Top

May 13, 2010  

Lawyers are an important aspect of any society. Understanding the law and making sure others are protected or prosecuted under the law is essential to the daily governance of a city, provenance, state or territory. Law is a profession which requires a certain level of education as well as a dedication to hard work which may entail very long hours and extensive time performing various research projects. There is a process to becoming a lawyer. It is known to be quite arduous, but most find it to be a rewarding and often times a high paying career choice.

Attorneys are needed in all aspects of society. When someone is in need of legal advice, an attorney is sought out to offer proper guidance and direction. If a major purchase is being made, such as real estate, attorneys are utilized to make sense of the legal contracts and documents. If someone believes they were wrongfully fired, a lawyer can change the outcome of the situation. Attorneys are sought out for every aspect of daily living whether it is for civil or criminal means.

There are certain steps you must take in order to become a lawyer. You must first receive your bachelor degree. Once you have completed your undergraduate coursework, you are eligible to apply for Law School. Before applying, you should make sure you have what it takes to succeed. You should have good grades and be a good writer. It is also helpful if you enjoy research as this is a main component of this profession.

Upon your completion of undergraduate school, you are now eligible to apply for Law School. But you must first take the LSAT exam. All Law School applicants must take this test. The top schools require the highest grades and test scores. It is important, if you want to get into a top tier school, to maintain stellar undergraduate grades and receive a high score on the LSAT.

After you have your test results you must now submit your applications to the Schools that you want to attend. You will also be required to provide any extra curricular activities on your application. This is especially helpful if your grades or test scores fall slightly below the range the school is seeking. They may take into consideration other activities you are involved with outside of your academics. This may prove to show you are a well rounded individual with a unique perspective to add to the legal community.

You must be careful not to miss your school application deadlines. Keep an accurate account of admission deadlines and required materials. Each school will have different requirements. Also, apply to as many schools possible to increase your chances of admission.

Now that you are in Law School, the hard work begins. The first year of Law School includes everything you need to know about the different types of laws. You will become familiar with all of the legal terms and jargon. There is a lot of information taught in the first year and along with that will come a lot of reading, writing and research.

Lawyers complete a strenuous journey. Once completing Law School, it is time to take the Bar exam. You can not practice law without taking the Bar. After you pass, you will apply for your law license and then you are eligible to be a practicing attorney. You will take an oath to your profession stating that you will follow the law and various background checks will be performed. Then you are officially a practicing attorney. You must continue to work hard to succeed in your chosen specialty.

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