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Lord Faulkner Backs So Called ‘Tesco law’

March 21, 2010  

Tesco is in the process of launching it’s own range of legal services, after Lord Falconer’s call for an increase in cheap and accessible legal advices.

In addition to budget will writing and storage services (already offered elsewhere) the Tesco Legal site will also offer a DIY divorce kit for around eight pounds, which would allow the parties involved to put an end to a marriage without the need for a solicitor or traditional legal advice.

The well known chain is also looking at the possibility of introducing DIY letting agreements and bundles including any form required in order to start a limited company. These packs will be supplemented with a glossary of terms and an online Q&A service, which will help users with the often complex legalise.

Experts have suggested that Tesco Legal Store is the start of things to come and that going forward other high street chains will open their own legal services sections, with some implying there will be an even wider range of services available in this manner, especially after a reform in the rules previously governing law firms.

After a consultation document was announced in July 2009, Lord Falconer suggested that the so called ‘Tesco law’ would be a benchmark for legal advice being offered to the public via high street companies, although Sir David Clementi, who lead the consultation, played down the idea and branded the term ‘Tesco law’ a distraction from the matter at hand.

Despite his misgivings though it does seem that the terms I catching on and that there will be an increase in the number of high street and Do It Yourself legal services, possibly leading to a decline in the numbers seeking professional legal advice, with some commentators expressing concern over the quality of this type of advice and urging those in need of legal representation to seek it from recommended solicitors practices.

However, The Law Society, seem unconcerned about their members seeing a drop in clients, issuing a statement saying they see Tesco Legal as an “innovative addition to the market”.

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