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Mediation & Arbitration – Quaid Farish – Dallas, TX Collaborative Divorce Lawyers

March 9, 2019  

Family law cases originate in the litigation arena and a tremendous amount of time and money is spent preparing for a trial that will usually never occur. Because of the fact that most cases settle before trial, it is advisable for clients to engage in attempts to reach an amicable settlement as soon as possible in an effort to reduce the emotional and financial costs associated with litigation.

Mediation is a process in which the parties and their attorneys meet with a neutral third party who is trained in mediation, and who attempts to facilitate an amicable settlement of all of the issues in the divorce, whether property division, child support, child custody and visitation, or spousal support; modification; enforcement; or other family law action.

Arbitration is a process in which the attorneys present evidence and testimony of the parties to a third party who makes a binding determination. Arbitration is not used as often as mediation in divorce cases, but it can be a useful tool to determine certain specific issues without the need to take the entire case to trial and in some cases can be used in place of a trial.

At Quaid Farish, LLC., we pride ourselves in using mediation and arbitration effectively to assist our clients in reaching their goal of a peaceful resolution to their issues. We are also available to provide mediation services. All of the attorneys at Quaid Farish, LLC., have completed the required mediation training, and have the knowledge and experience necessary to mediate even the most complex case effectively. Whether representing a client in a mediation or serving as a mediator; we work to reach an amicable settlement to all disputes, and facilitate agreements that preserve the parties’ dignity and serve the best interests of the children.

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