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Men And Divorce – Read Top Tips Here

February 27, 2011  

Regrettably most husbands and wives are resolute in staying together even when it is clear that they can no longer stand each other. In reality, ignoring your marital problems will not settle anything for you. Who is bothered about what others are thinking?

If you really cannot get on with your marriage, then get some relationship advice to try and save your marriage, but if this gets you nowhere then it is time to start thinking about divorce. Unfortunately proper divorce planning for men and women is not always good enough and many are those who suffer because of this.

If you think that it is not possible to save your marriage then it would be best to find divorce mediation without going to court. However this is not always possible, so you might have no option but to take legal advice and to tackle divorce in court. In this circumstance, getting a good attorney is important. The lawyer must ideally be experienced in divorce proceedings without being too expensive. Preparation for this in advance is however necessary. You do not want to employ a university graduate that has no experience with divorce proceedings! There are lots of things that someone can execute to prepare for divorce. The first thing is ensuring that you can support divorce financially.

Getting divorced might mean having to find a new house, paying child custody fees, paying the lawyer, having to buy your own food and so on. If you don’t consider these things in advance then your life after divorce might be terrible. Another thing that you should plan beforehand is keeping and sorting out all your financial statements. This includes keeping your house bills and keeping copies of your income tax returns. Being prepared in advance before going to the court is vital, particularly when finance is involved. You do not want to be accused of hiding your financial records by your wife or her attorney. Being disorganized in your financial statements also means that your lawyer will waste a lot of time in fact finding which means a higher lawyer bill and longer divorce proceedings. Since the financial side of divorce is significant, it is necessary to make certain that you have a secure job.

You would not want to be sacked from your job as soon as you begin the divorce proceedings. If your wife is the homemaker then you have more concerns. In divorce it is often heard that the man has to pay 50% or more to the “poorer” house wife. If you have an unstable job then you are playing with fire and your after divorce might not be so pleasant! Another thing to plan beforehand is protecting your assets. If divorce is in the air then you must find a safe place for any collections and valuables that you own. You do not want your stamp collections, watch collection or paintings to be auctioned at eBay by your wife! Accordingly, it is imperative that you maintain a documentation of all your assets and also have them on videos and pictures if required. In case some things go missing then you will have sufficient proof in court that you really owned such objects.

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