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Pro bono divorce lawyers

January 10, 2009  

Pro bono divorce lawyers

Pro bono divorce lawyers

Pro bono divorce  lawyers offer free legal services to people or charitable organizations. This free legal service is called as pro bono service. Many people are unable to appoint a good lawyer to represent their case as they lack the resources to pay the fees. However, many legal services and organizations offer legal aid to people who have limited means. There are several legal firms in Los Angeles that have free divorce lawyers Pro bono committees.

Many established and experienced top divorce lawyers , a certain amount of their time to provide pro bono divorce  services . With the rise in the number of people trying to utilize pro bono services, many law firms have created programs, to appoint private lawyers who can afford to spare some of their time. These programs include training for lawyer for divorce to handle common forms of lawsuits.

Divorce proceedings are often long drawn out and expensive. To reduce costs, it is beneficial for couples seeking a divorce to know about firms and organizations that offer legal aid for free. People who are not financially sound also look for free legal aid. There are various non-profit organizations in the US that provide free legal advice. They have experienced lawyers and attorneys on their panel who take care of such legal cases for free. Apart from these, some reputed legal firms and attorneys also do some pro bono work as a social service. They take a few legal cases every year without charging the clients anything.

There are plenty of chat shows and live shows on television and radio that focus on legal issues and legal advice. Writing into these with specific problems and queries is a perfect way of obtaining sound and free legal advice. The legal experts called as guests on such shows provide advice and information and help answer the questions posed.

Online divorce is a new concept, yet another innovation to come out of the increasing popularity and use of the Internet. It is a remarkable way that many people utilize to settle their divorce cases in a simple and timely manner.

The pro se waiver divorce is another excellent legal option for couples seeking divorce. It is an almost free legal procedure, wherein for a nominal fee, couples can ensure the services of a legal expert through out the trials. It’s a package deal and clients need not pay for each sitting or consultation. This recourse eliminates heavy expenses and time that would have been wasted on attorney fees and court time. Under pro se waiver divorce, a few simple forms and nominal filing and processing fees are all that it takes to dissolve a marriage and start life anew.

The American Bar Association (ABA) is on the forefront in improving their pro bono legal services. The ABA center is actively involved in creating various pro bono programs to offer optimum benefits to needy people. It also organizes a conference for bar leaders, pro bono program managers, and legal service staff every year to improvise the pro bono programs. State and local bar associations also facilitate in the designing and maintenance of pro bono programs. State court systems are always on the look out for lawyers, who are willing to impart their time and expertise to pro bono services.

Many reputed law firms have a pro bono committee, consisting of lawyers and paralegals. Many non-profit organizations contact these law firms to seek advice in various legal issues. These firms provide invaluable assistance to resolve problems related to education, immigration, political issues, domestic matters, and criminal cases. They also tackle consumer grievances and financial issues.

Some legal organizations in Los Angeles go beyond their legal domain while providing pro bono services and at times offer counseling as well. They donate funds, in large amounts to non-profit organizations that provide, medical assistance and other services to underprivileged children.

Divorce can be messy and difficult. You do not want to have a lawyer that never calls you or that never communicates with you. Before you hire a lawyer, you may want to look up some of your state divorce laws so that you have a better understanding of the situation.

You need to find legal representation and ask your lawyer about certain laws that you can file under. You will need to know what may prevent you from getting what you deserve like a pre-nup. You should also refer to other cases so that you know what to expect.

Sometimes your lawyer may sugar coat the situation, but if you are able to identify some of the things that could help your case, your attorney is also more likely to let you know the truth. They will think that you have some general knowledge of the laws and if you are prepared your lawyer will be straight and honest with you.

If you cannot afford a decent lawyer than you will need to hire a bono lawyer.  Pro bono divorce lawyers have limited knowledge and resources. They may not know the law as well and may want to just settle. If you learn how to investigate, your own divorce than you should be able to tell your pro-bono lawyer to build the case against your spouse and then you will be more likely to get what you deserve in the case.


10 Responses to “Pro bono divorce lawyers”
  1. Fred T says:

    I have been doing research in this area and your article nails the issues of finding a free or pro bono divorce lawyer.

    i would have never in a million years thought of grtting online legal advise from talk shows.

    Thanks for the legal info in a easyto digest format.

  2. Norman Howard says:


    My name is Norman Howard and I am seeking a pro bono divorce lawyer.

    I was incacerated for 15yrs released 11/09. I was paroled to another address other than my wife’s address and the following year 2010, she later took my daughter and moved into her owned home in South Carolina. I am unsure about the boy due to me being in jail at the time of his conception and birth. I am currently on Public Assistance and attending College to better my life and not continue on with a life of crime. I am 43 yrs old and have been dealing with abandonment issue since for ever with this woman. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME TO GET RID OF THIS ONGOING PROBLEM. Please contact me at 646-600-2992.

  3. Lorris Welch says:

    I need a lawyer for my divorce and to get custody of my 9 year old daughter.

  4. Norma Winegarden says:

    To Whom It May Concern,
    My name is Norma Winegarden and I live in Michigan and I’m a 53 yrs old very low come .
    My x husband Roy Winegarden filed for divorce from Scott City MO on Feb 4 ,2011 I was served on Feb 14, 2011 in Mich. on March 17, 2011 it was over . . I responded to all the letters myself r in the appropriate time when i was served , . He is an electrician and makes good money . We were married 12 years but together for 18 ( I GOT NOTHING ) he walked out and left everything for the past 18 yrs. I believe Im in tittle to spousal support and to his retirement pension and more . I CAN’T find a lawyer thats willing to help me. I have even went to legal aid in Mich. and in Mo and they wont help me or do you know a lawyer that can . I was told by a lawyer in Mo that I have up to a 1 year to fight the divorce judgment and also was told because Im very low income the courts could make him pay for my lawyer fees.Is there anyone that will help me.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Norma Winegarden

  5. Mojie says:

    Hi I need a lawyer to help me with my divorce. Been married for 5 years have no kids . My husband makes very good money. But gives me nothing . I can’t afford a lawyer is there any way I could have a lawyer to stand for my rights.

  6. Cleveland Williams says:

    Hello my name is Cleveland Williams and i cant believe that I’ve been in this situation for almost three years, but my situation really stinks. I married a African women so that she can become a citizen, she paid me, however immigration got involved and they know everything. I’ve been trying to get out of this situation for sometime but being that i’m in a low income situation its hard to find free help. Please if anyone can help PLEASE HELP ME. I admit i got myself into a pickle and i was wrong for doing it, but i deserve to be happy and married with that person that i chose to marry, in-fact i don’t even know if she is still in the state that i live in. I’ve been advised not to contact her or see her for that matter. My number is 610-462-9829 if you can help please contact me!!!!!!

  7. Brenda McDermott says:

    I am 55 & disabled & my husband of 26 yrs told me last mo. that he didnt want to b married anymore and that he had fallen out of love with me . He feel s we should just go our separate ways with no money involved. That would be fine except I worked the first 20 yrs of our marriage in the medical field and he went from job to job trying to decide what he wanted to do. I became disabled 20 yrs after we had been married. I put everything into our home, kids, raising Them.i really need a lawyer as he doesn’t want to pay any spousal support. I am permanently disabled now. That would leave me indigent and him making (grossing) 49,000 in 2012. He has already started out much better this yr than last. He’s verbally abusive, and I for the longest time just felt I had to take it cuz I had no where to go. I just want to be at peace. I can’t take the yelling at me anymore. I haven’t done anything wrong. Sincerely, Ms. McDermott

  8. Matt Sabb says:

    My wife & I are looking to divorce cause our marriage is over and we have a small child too think about ,and even though I make decent money my financial. Situation is very bad and I am carrying the 3 of us right now,can someone help plz I live in Tamaqua Pa my phone # is 484 241 1970 this is the best way to get a hold of me thank you

  9. Helen Thompson says:

    Hello my name is Helen Thompson an I need a pro bono lawyer I have very little income an I am still raising my 4 younger children an can not at this time afford to hire someone .. If you choose to help me it would a blessing sent from above .. There is no custody issues the children reside with me he chooses not to help I recently have applied for child support an yet he talks about the divorce an agreed he was paying but still nothing we have been married almost 23 years come December an been living in seperate states for almost 4 of those years .. Please Help me be divorced I am about to be 40 years old an I deserve to be after all the abuse an hell he put me an my children through !! Thank You for takin the time to read my plead of freedom from the Devil himself an I can only pray to God in heaven you can help me an my family ..

  10. Pamela says:

    Hello, my name is pamela echevarria and im a stay at home mother of 3 and im wife to a Airman who surprised me with divorce papers while on he was vacation with my children, I need pro bo divorce lawyer as, he wants custody and is being pcsed to Washington DC in Jan 30 2016, i need help with response/countersuit and getting this response in as quickly as possible i want to get spousal support and child custody with support, ive been married to him for 7 yrs, we married twice and he’s using the 2 yrs marriage to get out our marriage, i he wants us to pay our own legal fees and attorney, i think if he wants the divorce then he should pay for all of it. please help me, keep my children.

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