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Smoother Divorce And Appropriate Split-up Of Conjugal Assets

August 15, 2011  

The sanctity of marital union is an important thing between two people who love each other and decided to become one in marriage – thus, making it a sacred contract. No matter what the conflicts and problems the marriage will encounter, the promises should never be broken. According to many religions, marriage is a bond blessed by God that no man shall ever destroy.

Nevertheless, marriages, like any other types of relationships, can grow cold and sour over time that is why divorce was created to legally absolve marital unions. Divorce is a way to end marriages in a legal way, together with the spousal rights that were defined in family laws for married people. Adultery is the most common cause of divorces. Adultery is the act of being sexually intimate with another individual while still married. Second most common is unreasonable behaviour that usually leads to a series of misunderstandings between the couple. A person can also file a petition for divorce for grounds of domestic violence and desertion.

Moreover, a spouse cannot just file a divorce because he or she wants to. The couple should be married for at least 1 year before a divorce can be filed and provided that there are absolute proofs that the marriage is already irrepairable. Usually, couples separate first before finally getting a divorce and this can as well be made a legal ground after 2 years with consent from the other party or after 5 years of complete enstrangement. Divorce can be less complicated if both of the couples decided that they better be separated.

Absolution of marriages and spousal rights are not everything in a petition for divorce. It involves the split up of conjugal properties, determining child custody and support (if any), and spousal support in cases wherein the wife had given up her job while married to focus on family.

Dealing with divorce can be traumatic but it could be done smoothly with the help of an excellent divorce lawyer who will defend all the client’s claims in a family court.

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