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Should I Get a Divorce, a Dissolution or a Separation?

DIVORCE- When legal action is taken to terminate a marriage, it begins with filing a Complaint for Divorce in the Domestic Relations Court. Within the complaint grounds for divorce must be evident, which include: at the time of the marriage, either party having a living husband or wife, a fraudulent contract, a willful absence of the opposing party for a year, if the parties have lived apart for a year, adultery, intense cruelty, neglect of duty, constant drunkenness, or imprisonment of the opposing party within a state or federal correctional institution at the time of filing. A “no fault” divorce may be granted under grounds of incompatibility.

Legal Separation Vs Divorce: One To Choose

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A break is sometimes what couples need when having a difficult time in their marriage. A break does not necessarily mean a divorce; it could just mean a legal separation. There are alternative options to just getting a divorce. Divorce is not always the solution or answer to marital problems. Knowing the difference and choosing which one is better is going to be better than jumping into something that has not been well thought out. Legal separation vs divorce is what someone having marital problems needs to be knowledgeable about.