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Going Through A Divorce

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The divorce process starts with the completion of a form known as the ‘petition for divorce.’ The form is also known as the D8 form. The three parts must be completed by the court, yourself and your ex partner. To file for divorce you must be married for at least one year.

Is A Dog Bite Attorney Right For You?

April 19, 2010 by  
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Every year, hundreds of people are attacked and bitten by dogs. Maybe their owners failed to keep them under control. Maybe the dog is inherent vicious. Maybe it was just an accident. Whatever the case, if you’ve been bitten and you want to seek damages for your injuries, you need the services of a dog bite attorney.

Conveyancing Explained

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You’ve finally found a buyer for your house and you’re ready to move onto pastures new-but then what? Well first the solicitor who is doing your conveyancing will obtain the title deeds for the property and the documents relating to Land Registry. They will then provide you with two forms which you will need to complete: ‘Property Information Form’ and a ‘Fixtures, Fittings and Contents Form.’ You will also need to provide any other documentation relating to the property but are not held with the deeds, such as timber reports.

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