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Tesco: Food, Clothes… Now Law!

April 22, 2010  

After Lord Falconer shared the opinion that there was a need in the UK for cheaper and more accessible legal advice, supermarket Tesco are now preparing to launch their own legal services range, on top of their food, home ware and clothing ranges.

Initially offering low price will writing and storage services, Tesco Legal will expand the offering to include a DIY divorce kit for just over seven pounds, which will end a marriage without the use of a solicitor or legal professional.

The leading supermarket chain is also set to roll out DIY letting agreements and packs containing all forms people need to set up a limited company. These packs are accompanied by an online help service and a glossary of terms to help navigate the complexities of legalise. For more intricate legal problems the site offers a solicitors directory of those who can offer more complicated advice.

Experts have suggested that Tesco Legal Store is the start of things to come and that going forward other high street chains will open their own legal services sections, with some implying there will be an even wider range of services available in this manner, especially after a reform in the rules previously governing law firms.

In July 2009 following the release of a consultation document , lord Falconer hailed the move, dubbed ‘Tesco law’, as a visionary start to many more high street companies offering a new type of legal advice to the public. However the leader of the consultation, David Clementi, said the term ‘Tesco law’ was little more than a media coo and urged experts and the public to not be distracted by the term and deal with the real matter.

Despite Clementi’s misgivings, it does seem that the term is catching on and that there will be an increase in the number of legal services offered by high street chains and other non professionals, possibly leading to a decline in the numbers seeking professional legal advice, with some commentators expressing concern over the quality of this type of advice and urging those in need of legal representation to seek it from recommended solicitors practices.

Despite this though, The Law Society, whose members are likely to be most affected by the reform, have said that they see Tesco’s legal arm as an “innovative addition to the market”, suggesting that they see room for both types of legal advice in the market.

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