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The Easiest Way To File A Religious Discrimination Lawsuit

February 13, 2010  

We live in an age when everyone is itching to sue somebody for one silly thing or another. Our courts are filled with ridiculous claims that can not possibly ever fix everything for everyone. Even though you can not please all of the people all of the time, there are ways you can try to avoid a Religious Discrimination Lawsuit.

People do not want to hear anything that does not approve of the way they live their lives. They care not that their lives may be shameful. We will not take responsibility for the wrong things we do. We blame it on our parents, our children, our pets, our circumstances and the way other people believe.

Discrimination is such a word with such a vast definition that it has a different meaning for many different people. If you were to take a survey and ask one hundred people what the meaning of discrimination means to them, you will be surprised by all the ways people think. Now place the word religion before that and you have opened a Pandora’s box.

You have to do some careful study of how you converse with people, in order to stop attempts by others to sue you for prejudice. This is by far, not an easy task. We are always told to be ourselves and to present ourselves truthfully. But, this is a facade. People do not want the truth, they simply want to be told lies which they can call the truth. It is like a woman who asks her man if the dress she is wearing makes her look fat. She claims she wants the truth but, what she really wants is his flattery.

If you really want to keep from getting sued in court for orthodox discrimination, then never speak about it. If you are asked any questions about your beliefs only speak in general terms. Do not bring any pamphlets, detailing anything about your religion. This is also used by some as a means to allow them to bring a lawsuit against you.

Many teaching establishments and factories will not allow you to talk about your religious practices. They feel this does nothing but, cause strife so it is not allowed. Follow whatever laws and codes that are set in place by the management. You do not want to get on the angry side of those who make the laws.

You can do nothing to get a religious discrimination lawsuit now. Simple conversational banter is all you need to ruin your life. Remember these words because they may come back to haunt you if you fail to heed them. Lawsuits, except in rare cases, are usually about money. Why do we do this to ourselves and our precious nation?

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