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Understanding Teenagers

March 4, 2011  

Young adults are budding grown ups who experience changes and face difficult challenges because they’re at a time their lives where their horizon is being expanded; the building blocks of self esteem laid at the childhood stage will become evident at this point….although some teenagers might be able to face challenges directly, some others may not because of a low self esteem.

Every individual knows that confidence and self esteem are two essential human features that will help individuals to throw themselves to the jungle of life and come out victorious; lack of those two traits can spell problem for a person. Words have be known to result in rifts in families and destroy the most loving of relationships; they are important instruments in the growth and development of a child’s self worth that should be useful to chip away rough edges not cause permanent injury.

A parent or parents who have very little or no self esteem themselves are in the first place, poor role models for their children and may barely educate their kids about self esteem; as a parent, practicing what you preach ought to be your motto…it helps the kid develop more maturely.Parents have a duty to their kids to make them feel good about themselves to the level that they become productive members of the the community…any attempt to shelve this responsibility can lead to an unproductive dysfunctional adult who may cause more damage than good in the society.|It is vital that in the course of developing your child’s self esteem, you strike a balance between giving them a lot of freedom to do something and reining them into too securely….either action bodes ill on your kids.

The best gift you could ever give your child is to believe in his/her and his/her abilities or talents because eventually, that confidence will help your child carve out a definite identity for his or herself.

Giving your child a sense of self worth about his/herself ultimately helps the child as he/she advances on in years and incorporates other people other than his parents into his/her social circle.

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