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What To Know About Dissolution In Ohio

March 7, 2010  

A dissolution in Ohio is a no fault plea to end a marriage. It legally offers the same ending as a divorce does without the heartbreaking stress of a appearing in a divorce trial. This is an easy way to end a marriage when both spouses can agree on the terms of divorce.

You need to have lived in Ohio for at lease 180 days, and that it is legally our state of residence. While only one of you need to have this, both of you will have to be able to be in court on the hearing date. You also need to be able to settle any debts and property issues as well.

You will have to reach all agreements between the two of you in regards to property, who will get what items, monies and properties and who will have to pay what bills. You will also have to agree on who will have the children, of there are any, what monetary support they get as well as a visitation schedule. You also will have to determine if there will be money paid for the upkeep of the other, and if not, the fact that no support of the spouse will be given needs to be included. All issues have to be resolved.

If you both can agree on these, then you will need to fill out a separation agreement, and it must be included in the petition for dissolution at the time of filing. You need to make sure it is filed correctly to avoid any delays in the process, and you can expect to have a hearing date set between 1 and 3 months later. You both need to be at this so the judge can satisfy that the agreement was enter into it by both parties and that it is fair to each of you.

Once the judge is assured that the agreement is fine with everyone involved, they will make this agreement part of the final decree. This makes it so the agreement does not give you any unwanted surprises, since both of you have already reached the settlement before you ever get to the hearing.

You should seek legal representation and have them answer any questions or problems you have with this. They can help make sure that the agreement is beneficial to you and even file it right for you, to save on problems later. A lawyer can be very useful in this situation and can be of great service.

A dissolution in Ohio is a way for you to avoid a stressful trial for divorce. It is an easier solution when both of you want to end the marriage and agree on all the terms to ending it.

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