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What You Should Bring With You To A Divorce Consultation

April 29, 2010  

A divorce or separation is definitely a life altering situation. In some cases a divorce may be amicable but many times it will be contested. Either way, it is smart to hire a qualified attorney with whom you will be comfortable as well as who you trust to watch out for your concerns throughout the divorce settlement.

Your first meeting with legal counsel is known as a consultation. It is frequently because of this specific consultation together with referral checks that someone decides whether to hire a law firm. In order to help make the most beneficial use of the discussion and to determine if you appreciate the law firm’s guidance and manner, it is normally advantageous to bring most of the applicable specifics pertaining to your divorce along with you.

You do not need to be worried about the law firm revealing private details even in the event you do not use the lawyer. The American Bar Association’s Model Rules of Professional Responsibility, of which happen to be substantially implemented in quite a few jurisdictions, stop the lawyer from sharing details uncovered in a consultation except in limited instances if the information relates to a former client.

Seeing as the information which you provide for the consultation is privileged, you may want to think about having the following sorts of documentation along with you:

Any sort of Legal Documents Related to the Separation or Divorce: in case you have been served with any documents from your partner as well as if there is already an official separation contract then it is essential that you bring it for your law firm’s assessment.

Monetary Specifics: the legalities of separation and divorce have much to do with isolating the relationship assets. As a way for your law firm to do so fairly as well as with your ideal interests in mind it will be beneficial for the attorney to be aware of specifically just what you and your spouse receive as net income, possess as assets, pay on expenses and have as debts.

Prenuptial Agreements as well as other Agreements: If you and your partner have ever entered into a prenuptial arrangement or an additional agreement which would end up being pertinent to your separation or distribution of property then it will be important for your lawyer to review the agreement as soon as possible.

Paperwork Concerning the Offspring: In the event you and your partner currently have children together then it is very important to make your law firm aware of your needs concerning the care and custody of the kids. When there is any specific documentation about the children for instance relevant health-related or police records that demonstrate neglect or physical or mental abuse then these usually are appropriate to share with your lawyer. Also if the court has appointed a Guardian ad Litem for your child(ren) it is certainly important to make your attorney informed of the appointment.

Separation and divorce can be a difficult period for many people. A quality law firm can help you concentrate on the future as well as secure a reasonable distribution of property and an advantageous custody plan for your children. That is why, it is valuable to present a potential lawyer with all of the related information at your initial meeting.

Going through a divorce is a stressful and trying experience. Speaking with a divorce attorney in New York can help you understand your rights. It’s important that you speak with a qualified Queens divorce attorney that has previous experience handling divorces and family law issues.

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