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Why Do Your Own Divorce

January 22, 2010  

I cannot believe the number of divorces undergo our courts. It’s a very tough time for spouses.

Ever since it became more acceptable to get divorced, the rates started climbing. This can be good; there’s no point to couples remaining miserable.

One result is there are many more divorce lawyers in business. The question is whether you should each hire divorce lawyers?

Avoiding hiring lawyers is a very good intention because it can save time and money. However, doing so requires cooperation.

1. A couple works on coming to an agreement on all the legal issues. If this doesn’t work, move on to negotiation.

If this works out, you can do the paperwork yourself or one party hires a lawyer to do it. Just the paperwork isn’t too expensive. Get it all in writing in some form of signed agreement.

2. Many divorces process amicably through mediation. Hiring a third party to facilitate negotiations has a very high success rate.

The mediator can prepare an agreement so the terms are recorded.

3. If mediation fails, then the parties can agree to hire lawyers, but with an intention to negotiate.

4. Try doing a mini-trial with an arbitrator who will decide the case. It’s like mediation except the mediator’s position actually makes a decision.

Number 4 is a good option because it’s fast and won’t drain all the money. It can be done with attorneys or without attorneys.

5. Still no resolution? Put on the trial gloves and go let a court decide. When this happens you no longer have any control in the outcome.

There are many steps in getting through divorce you can take without hiring a lawyer or going down the ugly litigation route.

You can talk to a lawyer without hiring one for full out litigation. Don’t settle blind; however, don’t spend the farm on a courtroom battle either – if it can be avoided.

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